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Fixed Platform Installation PRODUCTION PLATFORM …

2018-6-27 · • Pile Handling Equipment • Platform Fendering Solutions. ... customize packers for diverse applications such flotation plugs, salvage plugs and tunnel seals. ... Inflatable Subsea Drilling Riser Seal Subsea ROV Grouting and Packer Inflation Panel Grout Hot Stab

Riser Receptacles & Pull-In Equipment | Oil States Industries

Industry-standard solution for fatigue-sensitive riser and mooring connections. Proven reliability in deepwater riser applications since 1976. Currently operating in riser diameters from 4″ to 24″, design pressures up to 12,000 psi, riser tension …

Drilling Solutions

Product Description. The drill riser provides a conduit for the drill string and drilling fluids from the ocean floor to the rig. This has significant weight which must be supported by its own structure and ultimately by the drilling vessel. In order to reduce this weight in water to a more manageable amount, discrete buoyancy units in the form ...


2021-7-1 · CROSBY STYLE JOS-E, JBS-E, JLT*-JBS-E, JLT*-JOS-E VALVES INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 3.4 Outlet piping Outlet piping should be simple and direct Where possible, for non-hazardous fluids, a short discharge pipe or vertical riser connected through a long radius elbow venting directly to atmosphere is recommended Such discharge


2018-9-28 · Drilling and Riser Tensioning Sheaves Our drilling and riser tensioning sheaves are available in the common sizes up to Ø1981 mm (78") in outer diameter. The sheaves are made from either ductile cast iron, forged or cast steel material, and fully optimized to its intended use. Gunnebo Industries has

McKissick Blocks

View Crosby''s full produce line of McKissick blocks for the material handling industry including hook blocks, retention systems, construction blocks, crane blocks and more.

FPSO Topside Arrangement_Nov 2008.pdf

2017-4-11 · FPSO Topside Arrangement_Nov 2008. Technology Creating Value Monaco Schiedam Kuala Lumpur Houston FPSO Topsides Performance Record SBM Offshore / FPSO Topsides SBM Offshore / FPSO Topsides SBM Offshore has developed the capability to perform in-house, both basic and detailed designs of FPSO topsides in 4 locations: Monaco, Houston, …

Marine Drilling Riser Systems (MDRS) | Oil States Industries

Marine Drilling Riser Systems (MDRS) The marine riser forms a continuation of the well bore from the top of the blowout preventer stack to the drilling vessel. The subsea well is drilled through the marine riser allowing the mud to circulate back to the mobile drilling unit. In addition to diverter systems, riser …

Hunting Energy Services | Americas

Americas - Locations. Our history in the United States goes back over 80 years with activities including OCTG, Drilling Tools, Connection Technology, Perforating Equipment, Well Intervention and Subsea. We are widely recognised as an energy service provider to the world''s leading oil and gas companies that allow the extraction of oil and gas.

Lifting Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts (non-swivel)

Eye Bolts (eyebolts) and Eye Nuts (eyenuts) are also commonly known in the lifting industry as lifting eyes.; Available in a wide range of metric and imperial sizes, aswell as high tensile steel or stainless steel. Variety of shapes and designs such as DIN standard eye bolts, Collar BS4278 Standard Eyebolts, Long Shank, Dynamo type and Eyebolts with built-in Oval Links.


2021-9-24 · Lightweight Tri Wheel Rollator with Basket & Bag. Add to Wishlist. € 105.00. Select options. Lightweight & Foldable Scooters, Mobility, Mobility Scooters.


2008-6-11 · 5.8 Handling and shipping of coated items Coated items shall be carefully handled to avoid damage to coated surfaces. No handling shall be performed before the coating system is cured to an acceptable level. Packing, handling and storage facilities shall be of non-metallic type. 5.9 Prequalification of products, personnel and procedures

AquaScraper Series C / SL / R Clarifiers

2021-9-22 · AquaScraper Series C - Peripheral Drive (PD) & Central Drive (CD) Bridge. The AquaScraper Series C caters for all circular tank designs. The design incorporates either a centre drive (CD) or a peripheral drive (PD). Circular bridges can vary in size from a few metres up to 50m in diameter. Can be supplied in mild steel (epoxy coated and/or hot ...

Float Equipment | Weatherford International

Float Equipment. Drive casing to total depth and prevent cement flowback. Our comprehensive selection of float equipment―including float shoes and float collars―facilitate proper cementing for any well environment from unconventional to deepwater. These field-proven tools deliver a secure primary cement job and reduce the chances of ...

Boat Mooring | Mooring Equipment

Jimmy Green Marine group all the products associated with mooring together in one category and subdivide them according to their different uses: Mooring Warps, Lines, Strops, Bridles, Chain and Rope Combination Strops. Fenders – yacht protection while mooring. Mooring Accessories – shackles, swivels, anti-chafe solutions, mooring compensators.

Intervention Riser System (IRS) | Oil States Industries

Intervention Riser System (IRS) Oil States'' first high-pressure Merlin® intervention riser was designed and supplied in the 1990''s and is still in operation. With the design evolving, we now have 10K and 15K variants that meet NACE for 10,000 …

Modular Buoy

Modular Buoy. Modular Buoys are used for short and long term applications, such as weight compensation while installing many types of subsea equipment as well as providing permanent buoyancy to mooring chains, jacket leg platforms, and flowline buckling mitigation systems.

Auto Drain Valve AD402/600 Series

2018-1-24 · Avoid riser piping. Warning Specific Product Precautions Be sure to read this before handling the products. Refer to back page 50 for Safety Instructions and pages 6 to 8 for Air Preparation Equipment Precautions. AD402 Symbol IN OUT 04 03 Port size 38 8 02 1 4 38 1 2 3 8 Rc NPT G Nil N F Thread type AD600 Symbol IN OUT 10 Port size 06 4 1 1 ...

Balmoral drill riser buoyancy solutions

2021-9-11 · Drill riser buoyancy provides uplift while reducing the submerged weight of the riser joints. This helps to minimise top tension and prevent stress in the riser as well as reducing loadings during deployment and retrieval of the blow-out preventer (BOP) stack. Drilling risers extend from the BOP to the drilling vessel with their primary ...

Deepwater Riser Services | Morrison | Delivering Energy

Deepwater Riser Services, a division of Morrison, delivers rigorous inspections, critical maintenance and convenient storage options for drilling risers. Our services span the full life cycle of the riser, offering a one-stop-shop for our clients requiring riser inspection, transportation, maintenance, repair and storage services for marine ...

Surface and subsurface buoyancy

2021-9-15 · SURFACE/SUBSURFACE BUOYANCY SOLUTIONS. Providing a range of surface/subsurface buoyancy products including anchor pendant buoys, one-piece buoys and ''off-the-shelf'' umbilical and cable flotation, with a wide variety of fittings and accessories, Balmoral offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your installation project.